Product Designer

My name is Bryan Hayward.
I'm a digital designer and this is my portfolio.

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I've been a digital designer for over 10 years. I originally trained, qualified and practised as an architect. That training has proved invaluable, providing experience in running large, complex projects with many variables and multiple stakeholders. 

I design the user interfaces & user experience for digital products (responsive websites, interactive apps) for high profile, blue chip clients as well as startups and individuals. I have an excellent working knowledge of IA, UX, UCD & UI principles and their application. 

I produce user flow diagrams, wireframes and pixel-perfect visuals, applying meticulous detail, skill and craftsmanship. These abilities are always aligned with my clients' aspirations and business objectives and the user experience. I can present and explain design creative to clients, stakeholders and engineers.

Simplicity, ease of use and beauty are my top priorities - I'm a strong believer in connecting your customers with the value they seek as quickly as possible, on whichever device they use and enjoy doing it. 

I'm fluent in the use of Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Flinto for Mac, Invision, InDesign. I can draw, think and communicate with clarity and precision. I'm happy flying solo or in team formation and I adapt rapidly and successfully to new environments and challenges. I love working closely with engineers to develop the best possible product.

My impactful, considered and effective design strategies and implementation lead to rewarding and fruitful digital products (and happy customers!).

I would be delighted to do this for you. I've set up tboB (the brand of Bryan) to enable me to explore freelance opportunities so do get in touch.